Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Farewell Dinner with Korean Student

Farewell Dinner with Korean Students
written by: Mr. Chin Wei Leik

On 12th January 2013, Farewell Dinner ceremony was held for students from Korea at Hotel Amansari City Centre, Johor Bahru, Johor.  This ceremony was attended by Chief Executive, Professor Madya Dr Mat Jizat bin Abdol, Deputy Chief Executive, En Husin bin Che Pa, and all the representative professor from DongShin University. This ceremony also included the Academic Manager of INSTEDT, Hostel Manager, Head of Nursing Department, Head of Language & Islamic Studies Department, INSTEDT’s students and Korean students.
This ceremony was handled fully by the Language & Islamic Studies Department and the hotel management in order to celebrate their arrival at Malaysia since 21st December 2012. The main objectives they came to INSTEDT are to acquire the communication skills by using English language and explore the traditional Malay cultures of Malaysia.

The ceremony started at 9 pm with the arrival of VIPs and Korean students accompanied by the rhythm of drums and demonstration of Malay martial art called “silat” by students from INSTEDT. Both performances was participated by Korean students who wished to show their talents to the audience.

The event was continued by the speech from Chief Executive, Professor Madya Dr Mat Jizat bin Abdol and followed by the souvenirs and certificates given to the Korean students. One of the Korean students was given the honour to give her speech for closing ceremony. The ceremony ended with the performance by INSTEDT students which called “zapin” dance and special performance by Korean students.

Hopefully this kind of event does not end there alone in an effort to ensure that the two countries cultural exchange continues and education efforts are equally moving through this program.  


  1. Pleased to know about this farewell dinner. I liked these details a lot. Even we want to host a fun bash for a friend. We would like to book the outdoor NYC venues for the party and I have got the responsibility to find rustic themed DIY décor ideas. If anyone here has such ideas, please let me know guys.